I meet a lovely lady…

In class I meet this lovely lady that just so happens to have the same idea of a fun distraction from college as myself. That is I now have a new fiddle partner! This is great on levels of great magnitude because, now there is a force to remind me to practice! Also to remind me to get away from my computer for an solid 2 hours every other day or so, or when I get a build up of energy that can only be burned off at 12:30 at night while my room-mate’s growl at me. So now on a schedule of whenever we can, we choose songs we want to share and play them for each other.

This past get together, we played some St. Annes, Innisheer, a set known to me as Micky’s chewing bubble gum (a mishmash of Ray’s Favorite, Finnish, Kerrry Polka, and Micky Chewing Bubblegum), Blackberry Blossom, Billy Wilson’s Clog, and Gravel Walk (we both had multiple variations for this one, so it was the more of a pick up) . For our break we listened to some music played by Natalie MacMaster, and Sierra’s Song, We drank tea and got back at it.


I can see this as a great way to meet other musicians in London. I see a fiddle circle in our future!


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